It rumbles in the case of Rivella: Penultimate week, the manufacturers of the Swiss national drink stops the sale in the USA.

Now, the Roth rister by shaking on top of the Swiss product range: The variety of rhubarb has reached the end of its life cycle and is no longer in production, this variety of elder flower comes in the trade. It will have the color purple. The Rivella writes in a Communiqué of today, Tuesday morning.

Conscious castling

castling is to be seen, according to a Rivella spokesperson in the context of the constant renewal of the range: the way it was in the last few years, the varieties of Mango and peach, who were aware of only a few months on the market, in order to revive “the range”. The same is happening now with rhubarb. And also the elder-Rivella will not stay forever on the shelves. “How long it there will stay, we don’t know yet.”

Thus, there are in addition to elderberry to buy new in Switzerland, the varieties of Red (Original), Blue (low Calorie), Green (green tea) and Refresh (less sweet). (jfr/kst)