Alexander Elagin, one of the most popular football commentators in the country, was the guest of the next release “Comment.Show.” In this program, which goes to YouTube, four well-known commentator Denis Kazansky, Konstantin Genic, Nobel Arustamyan (“MATCH!”) the novel Gutzeit (channel, Okko) – just over an hours time to discuss the main football news, make predictions for upcoming games and chat with an interesting guest, with whom you can discuss different stories. And do it by leading rather sarcastically, turning his program into a fun semblance of the once popular “Prozhektorperishilton” – only with a football bias.

the Issue with Alexander Yelagin – a little more nostalgic than usual. Experienced commentator told stories and remembered the vivid events of the past, from Yashin to Ignashevich. Heard even his younger colleagues.

About Dynamo and Yashin

Alexander Elagin even before the commentator career (which he combined with work in the theater “Nikitsky gate”) was an avid fan.

“All my life and to the grave rooting for Moscow “Dynamo”. However, such “Dynamo” was for whom to cheer. There was Lev Yashin, Igor chislenko, each was unique… No, I was not gloryhunter – I was rooting for Moscow “Dynamo”, even when they were relegated from the first League. It was a terrible event.

Right now I’m too worried about Dynamo, but not so: look at the standings when they win, then warming to the soul, and when you lose – well, to hell with them.”


About Romancewe

has become a popular commentator, Elagin worked for several years on REN TV, where he commented on all the matches of the team “Saturn-REN TV” which co-owner had a channel. At this time, he met the most successful Russian football coach in history – Vladimir Romantseva.

“I’m your favorite commentator Oleg Romantseva? Well, there was some talk. Was the famous press conference Romantseva, after which they called me and said, “And you know that you are a beloved commentator Oleg Ivanovich?”

Romantsev was amazing. He held – it was impossible to approach. But somehow we endeared himself to Oleg Ivanovich. Was companionable, easy to talk to, very nice man.

Oleg allowed us based in Golitsyno to remove everything. One day we worked there, and suddenly he goes on the balcony to smoke in shorts and t-shirt Spartak. All around it was whispered to him not to disturb. And I take it, and call out: “Great shot, Oleg, wait a bit, we’ll take it!” Everyone around shushed: “you noisy What!?” I reply “So the owner is allowed”. And Romantsev suddenly embarrassed, does not know what a cigarette d��t: “I’m in this form, uncomfortable.” Barely convinced him that all is well, that we need Romantsev-man. The frame turned out amazing, we put it in the movie.”

the viewers

Elagin – one of the most popular TV anchors in the country, the fans on the Internet regularly put it in the example the commentators of the new generation.

“I love things like Alla Pugacheva? Well, Hello, read me what you write something. Son I sometimes mix sent. I looked once, then swore off. Basically do not discuss the manner of comment, and how I call players. I am really surprised. I do not believe you Yelagin – look online. Why Smigel? Because I asked him how to pronounce his name is not Casper, who now plays his father Peter, who was in “Manchester United”.

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Photo: “the Comment.Show”