Armin Reuters Hahn (60) is since 1991 in the coach business. The senior Co-coach of the Bundesliga (Uerdingen, HSV, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Hoffenheim and since 2016 Concord) has often experienced a relegation battle and pressure situations. However, the Corona-crisis is a totally new threat.

“It’s a matter of Survival! We keep our Job? My parents stay alive? These are the questions that count now,“ according to Reuters faucet. He makes use of his thoughts.

“ready to Live” the solidarity of The club is no alternative! Source: IMAGE 22:27 Min. Share Tweet send via email, via Whatsapp

About existential angst: send “This Situation has been experienced by us, yet no one at all. I know a lot of people that aligned themselves professionally, just re – for example, a Café have opened. As the loans run without revenue. My oldest son Yannick is currently in the trial period – you don’t know what happened. It is dramatic!“

About the company: “first of all, we back all the more now. For many, the consciousness is stirred up: ‘Can I even start with me; or I just sit in front of the telly?’On the other hand, will not be in the humanity after the crisis, everything is good.“