Adi Hütter: Excellent! The enthusiasm for the harmony is enormous! To an ice-cold 18. January come 49 000 against Freiburg. The Commerzbank-Arena is almost sold out. The impressed!

it Was not. We are aware of the play different from our home. We had playfully no good solutions. Ten brilliant minutes with three goals. That’s all. However, we should have been able to win 6:1.

no, then I would have had trouble to sell. Even if I not the coach that I am, does not distinguish between result and performance.

Three top-striker, which are totally different in the way they play. All three can shoot the goals and the games decide. Because I didn’t want to let the Three out, I started all Three. Then we have incredible Power. But that’s not tactically in each game.

And in a tough group with Lazio, Marseille and Basel, conquerors of Limassol. Still insane, but next to the square is going on. Cyprus 5000 Fans were, by the spirit of the game in Marseille 1000 were in the city, and Rome have registered unbelievable 17 000, although it was nothing more. 9000 were in the stadium.

happiness. Because after the Cup-Out against Winterthur, a Journalist wrote that a must be the options of YB, to waive the last year of the contract by Hütter. What is the name of the Journalist?

(laughs) I was also in Germany after the unsuccessful start to the season with five points from four Games and the Cup-Out against Ulm is the number one on the hit list. And now I am the stars moderately best Trainer. It goes very fast in this Business.

Clear! And I pressed the thumb.

no. I am now in Frankfurt. And I don’t know whether we would have come in the Champions League, if I would have been YB-Trainer. This is hypothetical. Clearly it would have been a stimulus. But, I was pleased simply that YB has it Packed. I’ve looked at the games with joy, not with sadness.

Okay, but there are only played 18 rounds, 16 still remain. We are certainly well on the way.

I do not know that I judge others. It would certainly be like. Especially considering the competition. Bayern, Dortmund, Leipzig, Germany, Gladbach, Leverkusen, Schalke all have completely different ways than we do.

With head of sports, Wuschu Spycher, head of Media for the Albi man Perennials, with assistant coach Harry Gämperle. I want to remain upright, because it was an incredibly beautiful time. I’m incredibly, what the, how Gerry Seoane leads the way.

My time in Bern is over. But I’ve not wondered once about the fact that Urs Fischer will be coach of the year, although he brings in two years, three titles with the FCB. It is difficult, if the calendar is one year. I was never coach of the year in Austria. I prefer the bucket or a bowl in the Hand as an Award.

you are not playing but on the same Position. But as long as the transfer window is open, let us look around us, of course. Fredi Bobic, Bruno Hübner and I are in constant exchange and explore the market. Because you never know whether or not another one is coming our way, the way wants, because he plays too little. Kevin is a interesting player. But the package is not looking for us. You must also see: Haller the most expensive harmony Transfer was so far, and at a cost of around seven million euros. This is a top-striker. If you, then, for a right outside defender shall pay twice as much, it is difficult to justify. I told Wuschu. But I understand him. He wants to offer the players on the market, as he believes that they are worth it.

one or The other … The boys are all interesting. Sékou Sanogo, however, we can no longer get. The now earns a lot of money in the desert. He has earned!

I have a huge joy with him! He is like a player-coach. He speaks many languages, is an incredibly positive person. No matter whether he sits on the bench, in the stands or if he plays. He always thinks for the team. A great personality.

I was Tauern with the family four days in upper, after I had stood for five years on the skis.