Approximately 51’500 people have been trained to 2018 in a Swiss prison establishment, as the which on Monday published a report of the Federal office for statistics (BFS). That’s the equivalent of six admissions per hour.

The occupancy rate rose slightly last year to nearly 94 percent. Also as in previous years, at the end of January were almost three-quarters of prison inmates are foreigners. Only 396, or 5.7 percent, were women. 12 people died during their time in custody, six of them by suicide.

Eight people managed to 2018, the outbreak of a closed facility, five of them from a less strongly backed by the coercive measures device. Four were arrested within a week, was back to the end of the year, the whereabouts of the three escapees, the statistic provides no information.

152 persons fled 2018 from an open setup, from an open section of a closed facility, from a non-secure job, or when accompanied output. The are slightly less than in 2017. 28 of them returned voluntarily returned, 41 were arrested within a week, 56 of the year. 13 of them are still on the run.