On Friday, it finally happened: the US-car service mediator Uber celebrated the largest stock exchange in premiere for years. But the Start was a disappointment: the first course of The under the Ticker symbol “UBER” listed on the papers was on Friday at $ 42 – just seven per cent below the issue price of 45 dollars.

At the end of the stock, even with a loss of nearly eight percent from the trade. Uber had collected at the time of the IPO of approximately $ 8.1 billion, and its share but not as successful as hoped.

Given the poor sentiment in the market, mainly because of the failing trade talks between Donald Trump and China, had already become apparent that the demand is likely to be behavior. However, the trade opening was a big disappointment.

Uber pushed the largest IPO since the Chinese Amazon-rival Alibaba 2014. The San Francisco-based company had been valued by investors overall, with 82 billion dollars. In order to was, however, significantly under the temporary target mark of 100 billion dollars.

Uber CEO did not flinch

it was quite a big spectacle on Wall Street: The New York stock exchange welcomed Uber with a huge company banner, the crowds in the financial district was great. No wonder: for Months the financial markets had a fever hung on the IPO of the year. The Uber-Management to CEO Dara Khosrowshahi heralded as is customary, the New York stock exchange bell, and did not flinch, as the disappointing weak start of trading.

Due to the recent losses in the stock markets had been speculated in recent days that the time for Always be the Premiere could prove to be unhappy. For skepticism also ensured, that Always be the smaller rival Lyft, which went public in March at the stock exchange, particularly under pressure. Uber had acted in the determination of the price range already reserved. Last year, Uber was trusted to a rating of 120 billion dollars.

Start of record minus the

Uber attracts investors with strong growth. 2018, the revenues increased in the year-on-year by 42 percent to 11.3 billion dollars. In driving core business growth in the last quarters, however, brought it to a Halt. In addition, Uber is deep in the red. Excluding special revenues through the sale of business with a Minus of nearly $ 1.9 billion fell to share of the past year.

According to the “Wall Street Journal” came About in the first quarter even deeper into the loss zone. In the twelve months to end-March were lost, therefore, for $ 3.7 billion – a record minus for the company in the year prior to its IPO. In addition, ten years ago founded company, came through their aggressive Expansion, when you didn’t give, sometimes, especially around rules and laws, in a lot of conflicts with authorities around the globe.

scandals and strikes,

co-founder and chief, Travis Kalanick had to go after a series of scandals. His successor, Khosrowshahi managed, the reputation of some Polish and finish some of the disputes such as a dispute to the robot car patents with the Google-sister Waymo. But Anger there is. So, speed is about protesting in front of the stock exchange Uber driver with strikes on allegedly poor working conditions.

In the case of the stock exchange premiere, the question is whether Uber can deliver in the black for investors, however. Khosrowshahi already warned months ago, Uber is not for investors who want “a predictable, profitable business”. Also in the securities prospectus is to be noted that it is uncertain whether Uber will ever reach the profit zone. Such warnings Start-ups are in case of loss, although common, but in the case of a company the Size of Uber shareholders should pay quite attention to it. (SDA/nim)