The WEF’s Big Business: Pharma, financial companies, Tech giants,-all are there, all have their luxury pavilions in a Prime location. This year there is a new addition: The Cannabis industry moves full steam in Davos. She has rented a room in the Bar in the Mountain’s act – Canada, Cannabis House is now known for a week.

Yesterday afternoon, the Fans also stood up on the road, because inside of the two politicians for Cannabis, you would have not suspected stoned as a lover of hemp products: the Israeli Ex-Premier Ehud Barak (76) and the former Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci (55) fought.

Never smoked myself, never inhaled

What the two of them smoked? Nothing, praised both the high and Holy. Neither Barak nor Scaramucci ever want to smoke marijuana, let alone have inhaled.

“I focus exclusively on medical Cannabis products,” stated Barak. The former General and top-of-the politician is the President of the Israeli company InterCure, is one of the leading providers of medical Cannabis products.

He is convinced that The extract of the hemp plant has great medical future that will alone surpassed by the economic success. “This Business is absolutely fascinating.” Barak is fighting for the States to legalize Cannabis for medical purposes. The research will prove that the side-effects of Cannabis in comparison to the Benefit is negligible.

A remedy for the Opioid crisis in the U.S.

Also Scaramucci, it’s not about the noise, he wants to solve with Cannabis, the Opioid crisis in the United States. “For me, it is not a question of whether something is left or right, but whether it is useful and helps people,” he says to VIEW. Only Cannabis could get these millions of addicted Americans of the chemical painkillers. He himself was not investing in the Cannabis industry, the Hedge Fund Manager.