It’s bubbling behind the Scenes of Swiss ice hockey. Background of the burst Transfer by Jared Gomes (30) from Winterthur to EHC Kloten on Monday night is known for. Gomes would have to reinforce the “plane” in the Play-Offs of the Swiss League, but nothing will come of it in the end. Simultaneous to the Transfer of his compatriot Anthony Nigro (29) to La-Chaux-De-Fonds, failed. Blame it on a MIS-information of the Association.

is known As the EHC, in a communication, informed an employee of the Association, the Association, orally, that any Transfers until Monday, 18. February can be handled.

But suddenly the turning point: On Monday, at midday, the SIHF back-pedalling and stops the Transfer of the canadian! The reason is that Transfers of foreign players have been up last Friday, is performed. So it is also in the regulations.

The airport is a city-dwellers react immediately and write that the incident was “very annoying” for the entire club. “It can always happen error, but in this scope it is serious,” writes the club said in a statement.

“Final responsibility lies with the Clubs,”

Otherwise, it sounds the Association. “”We regret the events extraordinary, and we ask the leaders of the clubs to apologise for the inconvenience caused,” says Denis Vaucher, Director of the National League of the SIHF, at the request of a VIEW.

But: “A timely consultation with the League’s leadership could have prevented the misunderstanding. We generally assume that the clubs know the regulations.”

the Association is clear: “The final responsibility for the correct application of the regulations lies with the Clubs.” The employee informed the club incorrectly, does not want to make the SIHF in the pillory.

For the Klotener seems to be the story, at least ostensibly shelved. On request, sport-in-chief Felix Hollenstein no longer wanted to speak to the events and said only: “For us, the case is closed. We put the focus back on hockey.”

without the reinforcement it is not, however, however, in the Playoffs. On Tuesday Kloten a loan with Tim Wieser, who is also goalkeeper Tim Guggisberg and defender Uinter Guerra reinforced the plane to increase. All three players are, not surprisingly, from EHC Winterthur.