the Open-VLD Member of parliament, Egbert Lachaert and acknowledges that the volmachtenwet not a “beauty prize” will be given, but the calls have to be fast, to move forward with the legislation. The N-VA wants to be seriously taken into account in the critique of the State Council. A member of parliament, Theo Francken (N-VA) is asking on Twitter whether it is “wise” to have a law on Thursday to cast a vote. “I have to take into account the N-VA will not make it, but are now in need of engineering or political games, thus, responded to Lachaert, Thursday, at the Radio 1 .

on Thursday, giving the Room the bill is that the government has full powers to take measures in the fight against feline corona virus. Open VLD Member of parliament, Egbert Lachaert and acknowledges that the law is not a “beauty prize” will be given, and that, here and there, points of clarification are necessary. This is also the most critical advice of the Council of State. However, it must be supplied in accordance with Lachaert fast-forward, because the crisis is acute, and the government has to quickly be operational”.

in the meantime, However, penetrates the N-VA is that it is seriously considering the criticisms of the Council of State. On Twitter, stresses, Member of parliament, Theo Francken, that it is not “flippant” about the criticism may be. “It’s going to be something very fundamental, is the issue of the powers of the legislative branch to the executive branch,” says Francken. He wondered whether it would be “wise” to the law the notion of ” to cast a vote. “It’s better to be serious legal, job, than, rap, rap about something as fundamental,”.

“I have the advantage of the N-VA is doing. But now, the need to take account of technical and political games. There are terrible challenges ahead of us, and we must take action” said Lachaert. “If the volmachtenwet an issue if you are playing with the future of our country,” said he.

Lachaert is expected that the european parliament will be involved in the follow-up of the volmachtenwet. In addition, the response of the so-called ” superkern the core of the federal topministers, and the party chairs) may also be considered in the parliament opvolgtraject to put in it. This will be on Thursday, further consultations will be held.

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