With real estate at a value of about 29 billion francs, belongs to the Federal government of the largest real estate owners in the country. According to the Swiss Federal audit office (sfao) is missing is a uniform control of this portfolio.

The real estate management perceive three different building and real estate bodies of the Federation (BLO): The Federal office for buildings and logistics (BBL), armasuisse real estate (ar Immo) and the Council of the Swiss universities (ETH-Rat). The Budgets are requested from three different Departments and of different commissions in the Parliament after preliminary discussion.

“The Federal government has no total overview”

The saving solution also means that the reports of the three BLO to make the content of different statements, timed at different intervals and to different recipients to be distributed, like the EFK in a report. “The Federal government has no overview of its real estate,” she writes.

With the regulation on real estate management and the logistics of the Federal government (VILB), and the instructions of the Finance Department although there are uniform instruments for strategic control. The sfao noted, however, that there is in the implementation of the game room. In addition, the three construction and real estate institutions have a different structure. Also, the structure of the real estate portfolio and the methodology of the state assessment are not comparable.

cooperation needs to be standardized

Based on these findings the sfao recommends that the Federal office for buildings and logistics (BBL), armasuisse and the ETH Council with a closer and more binding cooperation. So would sizes, for example, a Mindestset on common goals and measurement, key performance indicators and a uniform data management for a better comparability. A parent about the various real estate messages is to show the development of the overall portfolio.

The EFC also recommends the common tasks, competencies and responsibilities in the VILB. The BLO explain in its opinion, ready to institutionalize their cooperation on a formal Basis and anchor it if necessary.

put Together nothing brings

The saving solution, the EFK is not out of the question. The background is a report, the Federal Council had written on behalf of the national Council. In it, he comes to the conclusion that the current structure supports the real estate management of the Federal ideal. The national Council was satisfied with this information.

The sfao to include the assessment of: organisational amalgamation of the real estate management would be for the Federal government, no major benefits, she writes. (SDA)