The health insurance premiums will also rise next year. On average over all funds and Insured by 0.2 percent. All the more important that the insurance is good with the premium shops. How efficiently the funds to deal with the money of the Insured, shows a new study by the Online comparison service, Comparis.

The efficiency-price Comparis gives this year to CSS. Your administrative overhead is less than 3 percent. Exactly 2.9 percent of the premium funds to apply the insurance for your administration. This is slightly less than in the case of Visana and the Sumiswalder health insurance. These share the second rank. The third place available for the winner of the previous Year Krankenkasse Luzerner Hinterland. 3.1 percent of the premiums of its policyholders, is invested in the administration.

half are less than five percent of

That other funds are significantly worse on the road, you only have to look to the end of the rank list. The Compact insurance and Glarner health insurance are. In these insurers, 8.5 per cent of the premium money goes to pay for the operation. Only slightly less there are at Sanagate, which belongs to the CSS group.

all 51 health insurance seen, the half less than five percent. Negative, the year-on-year falls. The reason Comparis health insurance expert Felix Schneuwly stated: “The increasing management of the consequence of the increasing administrative regulations of the Federal office for health of the funds are costs.”

The most efficient funds would show the Rest but what is cost in spite of the bureaucracy of the administration. And a positive result from this year’s study: The most inefficient funds work a little better. (jfr)