From July 1st, electricity will be a little cheaper because the EEG levy will no longer apply. Instead of simply having the energy supplier estimate it, you should read the meter reading today and send it in – here you can find out for whom it is particularly worthwhile.

Starting tomorrow, July 1, 2022, you will save 4.43 cents per kilowatt hour, since the EEG surcharge will no longer apply and energy suppliers are also obliged to pass this amount on to consumers. In addition, the companies cannot simply increase the price on the same date.

Important here: The electricity price does not drop immediately, but is only compensated with the next annual bill. It can therefore make sense to record the meter reading again on June 30, 2022. We explain for whom this is most worthwhile.

There is an important distinction between household electricity and heating electricity that you should know:

It is therefore more worthwhile for consumers with heating electricity to report the meter reading as of June 30, 2022 to the electricity supplier. Otherwise the estimate could deviate too much from the actual value.

However, reading and reporting the meter reading cannot do any harm for tenants either, especially if you have adjusted your consumption habits in view of the increased prices and are living more economically. Here, too, there is a risk that the estimation and the reading are too far apart.

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