From the Zurich education Director Silvia Steiner was heard most recently in the case of Andreas Glarner. She grumbled publicly about the “half-hearted” apology after he had put the phone number of a teacher to the network. If education goes, it comes in travel. This can be seen in the VIEW-Interview in their office in Zurich. The President of the Directors of education adopts spontaneously twice as much time as originally agreed.

We’re not moving in Switzerland in the direction of England. The British would probably be happy, they would move in the direction of Switzerland. We have the best public schools for all children. The Pisa studies show.

Yes, but only in certain regions and in the bilingual schools. For example, in urban regions with many Expat parents, who have a higher education qualification. On average, Switzerland go far 4.6 percent of the children in a private school. In Geneva, this share is 16.1 percent. In Eastern Switzerland, there are only 2.4 percent. Some parents want their children to have a Montessori or Steiner school. Or in a religious educational institution.

Our dual education system is not so well known. They fear that their children are not equipped with a primary school certificate, in order to study later at universities abroad. This is wrong. This, however, affects only those Expats who want to move on. Those that remain here, send their children to the rule in our public schools.

Silvia Steiner (61, CVP) is a doctorate in law and since 2017 the President of the Swiss conference of cantonal Directors of education (EDK). In addition, she is head of the education Directorate of the Canton of Zurich. Your career: First, she was a law clerk, then a district attorney. According to the police officer of course you became the Boss of the city of Zurich criminal police and later police Chief in train. Up to your choice to Zurich’s education Director, she was the state attorney in the area of human trafficking. Steiner, the widowed and the mother of an adult daughter and an adult son. She lives in Zurich.

My kids were bored in part because they were more likely to be Faster. So it is with many others. The task of the folk school is it, to be there for everyone. Succeed in many schools very well.

no. But it is also clear In the last few years, we have invested a lot in the promotion of the Weak. Now is the time to invest in a more targeted and more in the Gifted.

Absolutely. With the Weaker, we need to work harder, you need more time. But also, you can find your way. In the Canton of Zurich is 91 percent of the 25-Year-old in the Minimum have a teaching degree or a baccalaureate.

most Of the public schools is more than a teacher in the classroom – in the Canton of Zurich anyway. There are class companion, curative educators and teachers for English as a second language. The suit, which is worn to me, is quite another: There are too many people in the class room.

There is a restlessness in the classroom and it needs a lot of fixing. The main class teacher is the Manager, who looks, what the child must in the course. This is the consequence of this is that you are trying to the individual needs of the children.

These children going to school with us, nothing to Worry about. Of course, we need to invest, to those who are enrolled with us, the language can. But it works well. Our Problem are those who come for example only with 12 years in Switzerland and then in the secondary school have to keep up are.

We have to live with the fact that it gives you. In these classes, it needs more support measures. The teachers need more resources, also financial. And there must be the opportunity to take a children, the not come, for a limited time from the class and promote.

the parents put a lot of money in a school tutoring hours. It does not exaggerate these parents?
I understand that parents want only the Best for their children. The Gymi-Hype has to do with some knowledge, what are some good opportunities for our dual education system provides. As a parent to advise his child to the way you know best.

This is not enough actually. It no longer is today retired there, where, according to the teaching started. Globalization, digitalization, migration of well-Trained – the pressure is growing. When I listen to today’s young people, it is clear that they want to form according to the teachings of more. It is more difficult for the 40-Year-old, who have never formed more.

you can ever say in your life: Now, I’m not doing anything more? The claim that the young make more, we need to have.