Schoolchildren in the early 2020 decided what electives they can take. All of the items they have chosen for admission to the University, they will be able to pass – no restrictions there will not be, – said the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov. – We are talking about the fact that most of the graduates take just two of the elective subject. Much less three or four. But the question of how to reduce the choice of students, is not.

– How many exams graduate selected for admission to the University, and so remains, – said Sergey Kravtsov. – How much is the exam and what to count as an entrance test for any specialty, it’s up to the universities. If the University sets three exams, then you will need to bring the results of the exam on the three exams. All students will be provided with the appropriate conditions.

Recall all of the exam in 2020 was going to take about 797 thousand people. Of them mandatory Russian language would take almost 736 thousand participants. And basic math, which is not needed for admission to universities – about 320 thousand. Now the basic math is off. And the number of passing Russian language can greatly be reduced – it will take only applicants. The most popular exam choice is social science, he chose 375 thousand people (48%). More than 167 thousand participants (21%) have registered for the exam in physics, 158 thousand (19.8 per cent) chose biology.