Bernie Sanders valgkampsexit paves the way for Joe Biden, who now must try to bring together the Democratic factions.

Senator Bernie Sanders has on Wednesday set its election campaign, and thus the way is now paved for the Democratic Joe Biden, who is the last man standing in the fight to overthrow the incumbent president, Donald Trump, of the throne.

Bernie Sanders retreat has been in the air for a long time, assesses the editor at the medium Anders Agner Pedersen.

– It has been in the air for a while, that there was no way forward for Bernie Sanders. He was overtaken and sidelined when The Democratic Party began to assemble themselves together on Joe Biden.

On Super Tuesday, one could see how the wind blew. Advancing Biden is really from Sanders, says Anders Agner Pedersen.

It is now for the Democrats to unify the party in the fight against the president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump. It managed the Democrats not unique to do in 2016, estimates Anders Agner Pedersen.

at the Time, was Bernie Sanders any more disappointed with his defeat of Hillary Clinton, who ended up losing the presidential election to the Trump.

– Joe Biden can now truly correct the main focus of the fight against Trump. Now he should not worry about getting closed primærkampen. It is important for him that he gets total the democrats now.

Sanders also plays a role now in saying: “My campaign is over, but now it is most important that we get knocked over Trump”. It is the most important right now in relation to how well or poorly the Democrats are going to cope with it, ” says Anders Agner Pedersen.

Even though Joe Biden is now the only remaining candidate for the Democrats, should the primary election still to be finalised. The remaining primaries are currently deferred due to coronavirusset.

According to Anders Agner Pedersen has the 78-year-old Bernie Sanders also put an emphatic stamp on the party, after it was possibly his last opportunity.

– Bernie Sanders has now twice tried to become president of the united states, and both times it went much over expected. Especially at the elections in 2016. No one figured that he could threaten – he was good.

– part of his fingerprints is that The Democratic Party has moved further out towards the left. Sanders can see that the project has the sounding-board, ” says Anders Agner Pedersen.