Editor-in-chief (Ukraine): 35 circles of hell, or As the Ukrainians got a new holiday - Day of the dead state

one day we needed to remove myself from civilization and make a tremendous reputational suicide. Cool. We are, indeed, Champions. And in us, in our prospects really want to believe a normal country. Believe investment to invest (ironic).

And now a pure pragmatist.

First: we have no real patriotism. At all. This is all a big false tinsel, successfully still maskirovka the greediness and looting. But, on the other hand, “Wuhan aircraft” killer was desacralized these Patriotic myths and the pathetic patriots. Happened now zero. Quite unexpectedly, by the way. Because before that, they have much forgiven. Now only disgust looking at them.

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Second: we, as a country, globally disgraced their hysteria and hatred of his own countrymen. The world saw it, greatly terrified opened his eyes and appreciated our “tolerance, humanity and tolerance.” And Yes, the world doesn’t care now on our exculpatory tale that it is someone’s performance, someone’s quirky script. Spit on our traditional conspiracy. Just saw our true colors.

Third: the state, as the set of effective institutions and managers, no. But there is a group of cowardly and incompetent guys who hang out, have fun and sopresetta. Yet quiet. But should the crisis happen, they quickly fashioned and smelly and the skunk hiding in the burrows. Maybe another time, let’s talk about what they you have to give time?

Four: 35 circles of the plane from Wuhan over Ukraine in search of refuge — this is the 35 circles of our ADSs. This is the verdict of the fake country. Today we begin to pretend that nothing happened; complete your infokanal another “Borodyansky” garbage; again nanimaet mediocrity of films about its own slope. But in there normal people will hurt to move the worm of contempt for ourselves. And strong Nations are not.

Fifth: we finally saw the first signs of this revolt — riots.

the Sixth (and most important): partly to stop the collapse of the state can only be brutal personnel decisions. Immediate dismissal of the heads of the rioters regions. Immediate expulsion of the Ministers and the obligatory humiliating spanking cowardly Prime Minister Goncharuk.

we Have now only one big national holiday. Forever. The day of the coronavirus. A Day Of Shame. Day of the dead state. The day when we understand who we really are.

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