On Wikipedia, the world’s largest free-access Internet encyclopedia, so far, only a mere 18 percent of all biographies of female. And: Only nine percent of editors are women.

want to change the SRF, Ringier and Wikimedia in a three-hour editing Marathon. About 30 people took part in the common action. “For many, it is an incentive to write in a group. In the Edit-a-thon, we can achieve something together,” says SRF-presenter and co-Initiator Patrizia Laeri (41). Already in November 2018, the first Edit-a-thon Switzerland took place at the SRF Studio in the leutschenbach. “All the 67 entries were written for the last Time,” says Patrizia Laeri. After the success of this re-written article should be a second Event.

relevance criteria for an entry to be

met 60 new entries came together at the second edition. “It is important that historical and contemporary important women get a page,” says Laura Zimmermann (27) of the Operation Libero, who took part in the event.

Muriel dust (31), a Board member of Wikimedia Switzerland, have helpful tips. Especially important is the relevance of the criteria that determine whether a Person is suitable for an article or not. In addition, each sentence must be confirmed with sources. “We don’t need your own opinion in the articles, but Knowledge and interest,” explains dust.

the proportion of female biographies in Wikipedia increases, So that in the future, will take place on 7. November 2019 with the next Edit-a-thon at the SRF in Zürich. The Organizers Patrizia Laeri, Muriel, dust and views.ch-editor-in-Chief Katia Murmann (38) from the fall of 2019 on your registration.

How can you participate?

“It is quite easy to participate,” says Muriel dust. “When you realize that something is missing or wrong, you should just be brave and click the “edit”button.” The don’t have to be big things – even small additions, updates or corrections are valuable.

What will it take?

“A Laptop and an Internet connection. It can really copy each and every. Finally, all of the Wikipedia-article of people who do this in their spare time and free of charge.” So: A choose your topic, what you passion and get started.

“The Internet has made it possible that we consume passively, but also can actively produce.”

What should I look for when editing?

“In the ideal case, you should be able to at any rate prove, where you got this.” Also important: “Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. It is not a matter of his own opinion, but the content as neutral as possible,” says dust.

tip: anyone Who is uncertain, may be based on the structure and style of other articles.