The holiday Airline Edelweiss exchanges, two-thirds of long-haul fleet. The currently consists of two Airbus A330 and four A340, two very similar types of aircraft. The big difference is that The A340 has two engines, but four.

This does not give but only to passengers with a fear of flying and a sense of security, but also need much more control systems and higher maintenance costs, and cause a higher weight. The A340 is no longer available since 2011 and is regarded as the aircraft of yesterday.

the Swiss

Now, an Edelweiss spokesperson told the specialist portal “Aerotelegraph”: “in the middle of the next decade, we plan to replace our existing Airbus A340 fleet.”

Exactly the Same, it is also the name of the Swiss (VIEW reported). The Edelweiss-sister is flying currently with five machines of this type through the world, has just lined the cabin. The Swiss should get a part of a large order by the Lufthansa parent company. Means, as of 2025, it flies well with a A350 or the competing model from Boeing, the Dreamliner referred to the B787.

In theory B777X possible

And Edelweiss? “We are currently examining, in close cooperation with Swiss and the Lufthansa group through the different options,” says the spokesman. A decision was not, however, have not yet fallen.

It should be according to the “Aerotelegraph” a type of aircraft that the Swiss already know. Finally, the technician will wait for the machines from Edelweiss. On long-haul routes, Swiss operates the A340 and A330 also B777.

In theory, it could be even a B777X, which will be starting next year with 76,70 meters the longest passenger aircraft in the world. Lufthansa is one of the eight Airlines, which has already ordered machines. (kst)