as of Friday 30. August, the A340 of Edelweiss to take off again – from Canada with destination Zurich. For nearly a month, the machine of the Swiss Airline was on the ground. A Crash on 3. August with a passing plane at Vancouver International Airport in Canada damaged the machine. The result is that Edelweiss had to cancel so proud 38 long-haul flights, as spokesman Andreas Meier confirmed yesterday in the VIEW.

But clearly, that is not the whole truth. Several sources have reported independently of each other, that the aircraft should have played collision in Vancouver Edelweiss in the cards. “Under the guise of damage, the Airline has cancelled now, in August, the least-profitable flights,” says Freddy Schneider (46)* who is employed at Zurich airport and the flight plan observed daily. He wants to remain anonymous, because you recognize him otherwise.

According to Schneider, the Edelweiss destinations in Denver, the Seychelles and Cancun had been affected.

Why are the flights to?

Definitely, the current Friday-flight LX8018 from Zurich to San Diego (USA) from falls. “Irregularities flights on Edelweiss long-haul”, it says on the Airline Website This is in connection with the damaged A340.

but that’s not enough. Suddenly, Edelweiss no longer flies in September at all of San Diego, as a glance at the schedule shows. All long-haul flights there cancelled. Although the now repaired A340 is available again! This raises a number of questions.

Are mainly cancelled flights, the degree of utilization is low? Airline spokesman Meier explains the breakdowns upon request so: “the key factor for the cancellation of three planned for September flights to San Diego the better rebooking options for affected passengers.”

Whether the flights are booked poorly? So LOOK after hooked. To do this, Meier wanted to say, but nothing more.

*the Name has been changed