Vancouver International Airport, Canada: For the passengers, it was a shock. Shortly before the Exit of an Airbus A340, the plane was clipped by a passing machine. No one was hurt – only the Airbus was damaged (EYES reported). This happened in the night of may 2. on the 3. August.

a list of the website of the Edelweiss was at that time that during the repair, about a dozen flights work on the aircraft will be. It is expected that mainly the long-distance Zurich–San Diego (USA) would be affected by the cancellations.

in fact, drop much more flights

On demand of VIEW is known Edelweiss spokesman Andreas Meier is now: “Overall, we have had to cancel 38 flights.” The damage recording and the Providing of a repair team had taken the best part of two weeks. The actual repair work had been completed after eight days already.

Meier tells, too, had been drawn by the collision of the two Elevator and the rear set damaged. “Also the auxiliary engine was damaged.”

reclassifications for 8100 passengers

Effectively affected by the failure of the Airbus about flights from Zurich to Vancouver and Calgary in Canada and San Diego, and Denver in the United States. Also Islands such as the Seychelles or Mauritius could not be approached. 8100 people had to be rebooked – mostly on flights of other airlines. “We were able to arrange for all passengers to a replacement solution,” says Meier.

in Addition to a Trouble in the case of the travellers affected by the flight cancellations also at Edelweiss for a hole in the cash register. According to its own figures, the airline expects a loss in the single-digit million amount. 30. August is the damaged Airbus back on schedule in the air.