Because the Pilatus is flown too far and is now being refereed by the Federal Council back: The aircraft manufacturer from Stans NW may offer in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates no support for its PC-21 fleet more. Pilate now has 90 days, from the two countries to withdraw.

Pilate delivers his aircraft for years to Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. But not only that, The company offers the sheiks with technical Support, spare parts management and Troubleshooting for the aircraft, as well as Support in simulators, the pilots are trained.

EDA has display

submitted To the Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA), supported by Pilate, the armed forces of the two States involved in the Yemen conflict. This violates the mercenary act, which is intended to ensure that security companies acting abroad against Swiss interests. At least, the EDA, would have had to report the intra-Swiss the Federal government, that they provide these services for the Emiratis and Saudis.

Therefore, has not refereed to the EDA Pilate only from the Middle East, but in the case of the office of the attorney General filed. Now the office of the attorney General and the courts would need to consider whether a violation of the applicable law exists, writes the EDA.

Returns Pilatus Switzerland the back?

To VIEW Pilate, the course is buttoned. You will analyze “the scope of the disposal of the EDA, and to give time to take a position on,” said the company on request.

And can steep be: a month ago, Chairman of the Board, Oskar Schwenk (75) had fulminated in the “NZZ am Sonntag” that he’ll take the consequences, should the Switzerland, the sales of the aircraft abroad virtually impossible: “If the us is prohibited to Export, we would organize us with all the jobs no longer required, then in Switzerland.” And at least about 2100.