This is showed on Wednesday published survey by the Institute, IHS, Markit. The Barometer fell by 3.0 to 40.8 points. Until 50 it indicates growth.

“Hong Kong’s economy is flirting with recession,” said Markit Economist Bernard Aw. “The business is increasingly paralyzed by the protests.”

investors and tourists not to shun the metropolis since the protests

The chances of a rapid turnaround are bad, were the new orders, but as strong as it has been since February 2009. The orders from China fell at a record pace. Here, the trade is likely to have contributed to the conflict between the people’s Republic and the United States, the burden on the export champion of the world.

Hong Kong’s economy shrank in the second quarter by 0.4 percent, also because of the tourists, the popular Shopping metropolis in Asia remained remote and thus, the retail sales dampened. It comes in the current third quarter to a decline of the gross domestic product, would be Hong Kong, slipping for the first time in a decade in the recession.

Withdraws Lam, the law on Extradition once and for all?

In Hong Kong are gone since the middle of June again and again, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the local government and a growing influence of China on the former British crown colony. Stone of contention were plans for a law on the extradition of accused persons of Hong Kong to China. Chief Secretary Carrie Lam wanted to cash in government circles, according to on Wednesday the draft law. (SDA)

For weeks, the protests in Hong Kong drag. Hundreds of anti-government demonstrators, among other things, airports, subway and marching to block the streets. The police are resorting to brutal means to stop them. VIEW keeps you in the news Ticker to date.