It is expensive for the Danish society to save lives as a result of coronavirusset, says sundhedsøkonomer.

the Outbreak of the coronavirus has led to a large number of restrictions and a historic shutdown of large parts of Denmark. The objective is clear: the Spread of the coronavirus, should be limited as much as possible.

But where is the limit for how many resources society must use to protect the danes against infection?

This is something near impossible to give a clear reply, it sounds from several professionals in Kristeligt Dagblad. But the fact is that it can be very expensive to save lives during coronakrisen.

– from a cool calculation is it good enough some animal life, finds Kjeld Møller Pedersen, professor and sundhedsøkonom at the University of Southern denmark, to Kristeligt Dagblad.

It is, however, according to a professor at The National research and analysis centre for Welfare and health (Vive) Jakob Kjellberg is not money in itself that should worry.

The troubling thing is that the billions of dollars that it costs the society, to limit the coronasmitten, could be used on future investments in, for example, health care.

– You need to be aware of that when you use resources today in order to limit the spread of infection and save lives, the resources we have going forward, says Jakob Kjellberg to Ritzau.

– It is all the time a tradeoff of whether you use too much or too little now compared to the future.

He tells that it is not yet possible to put a definite price on how much each human life, to rescue under coronaepidemien, costs.

– We have not enough knowledge about the severity of the coronaepidemien is and how powerful our strategies are.

When, as in Denmark have chosen a strategy to close large parts of society down – including schools, institutions and the whole forlystelseslivet – it happens without the to know clearly, what works, tells the economist.

– To choose his strategy in a time of great uncertainty, and we are probably also very much driven by fear of what the situation may evolve to, say, Jakob Kjellberg.

According to the Health risk assessment and strategy for an epidemic of coronavirus in Denmark is expected button 600.000 danes to be infected in the course of an epidemic at three months.

11.200 will be in need of hospitalization, and 1680-5600 will be able to die.

It is older than 80 years and those with underlying disease are at special risk of dying after infection with the coronavirus.