In the period of the pandemic coronavirus in Sweden restrictions were recommendatory and their violation are not regulated at the legislative level. The authorities took this decision to support the economy.

However, this policy and the abandonment of strict quarantine measures have not led to tangible results, writes the Financial Times. According to the chief economist of Handelsbanken Christine Nieman, in the end Sweden could not suffer less than the rest of Europe.

the Fall in economic activity in the country was “unprecedented,” said David Oxley, senior analyst of Capital Economics. According to forecasts of the Riksbank, Sweden’s GDP for the long term could be reduced by 7-10%, which is disastrous for the country.

However, analysts note that Sweden still has benefits in other European countries, the authorities are just starting to lift restrictions and many have to run it again, and in Sweden, economic processes are not stopped, according to RIA Novosti.

According to who, in Sweden there are more than 30 thousand cases of the coronavirus, had died more than 3,600 patients. While in neighbouring Norway the number of cases is 8197, and in Finland – 6347. The number of victims in both countries does not exceed 300 people.