a source of Worry to economic and political uncertainties such as the Brexit, or of the trade dispute between China and the United States. The Swiss economy was positive start to the year 2019, informed Economiesuisse on Tuesday. Both the domestic-oriented industries, the export industries had increased significantly, and the weak second half of last year, made to forget. More tailwind than expected, there have been from Europe, the main trading partner of Switzerland.

The Swiss economy is expected to cool down significantly, according to the umbrella Association. On the one hand, the weakening of the world make economic growth more noticeable. Traces of the trade disputes, increased protectionism, or the economic and political uncertainties in Europe. On the other hand, have exceeded the domestic economy the growth of the Zenith of prosperity.

These developments should be seen, according to Economiesuisse in the year 2020. For example, the machinery, the textile or the watch industry were cautiously optimistic voted. A further Expansion is expected for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry.

Overall, is likely to expand the Swiss economy in the coming year, with “the handbrake on” and a GDP growth of 1.2 percent, writes Economiesuisse. (SDA)