It is a very clear vote, with 78 percent of the FDP-based want the FDP to use in the future “generally” more for climate – and environmental protection issues. 44 percent are for a plane tax, 29 percent “somewhat agree” with the help of the FDP group of the previously rejected submission on the fly.

The SonntagsBlick published the results of the large-FDP-based survey, initiated by the environmental policy u-turn by the party’s President Petra Gössi (43).

Strikingly, A majority of 58 percent for a new CO2-steering levy on fuels. Mobility Pricing, i.e. higher prices in strong and lower prices in low demand in public TRANSPORT, a salute to 53 percent. And so the Sunday views concludes: “for the love Of Switzerland,” was the FDP Slogan once. Today, it would mean “for love Of the planet”.”

About 14 000 120 000 FDP members have

tuned to 60 percent of FDP members are in favour of Switzerland compensates for its emissions of greenhouse gases, mainly with Ökomassnahmen in the domestic market. And the reduction of CO2 emissions by half by 2030 in favour of 77 percent.

14 198 120 000 party members say so with a large majority: The liberals of the future to be green.

So not at all green with the Eco-orientation of his party, is Vice-President Christian water fall (38). The Bernese had already criticized in February, party President Petra Gössi sharp.

The LOOK says Christian water fall now given the green position reference of the FDP-based: “The survey result is very surprising to me, I would not have expected so. And I question it. It is not that simple.”

water does not fall believes that his party colleagues say B, if it is, in fact, the concrete implementation of the declarations of intent. “Around ten per cent of our members say Yes to new taxes and charges such as a CO2-levy on gasoline and Diesel? Okay, but all those who want to draw, should, of course, would have to say to an increase in the price of gasoline price of at least one franc and a Europe flight of at least 150 francs additional costs,” says water fall. “The scope of questions of large, the economy, and people are a lot of costs.”

FDP-water does not believe fall to the sustainability of the green expressions of

is to drop the son of a liberal family dynasty – father, Kurt of water (59) was, among other things, the national Council for the right party? “Certainly, I am in the right party,” he says. The environment was “Yes only one of many topics”, in the case of the army and the social insurance, or education policies, he ticke how the party base. “In addition, the survey participants are in favour of a majority of the construction of new NUCLEAR power stations, what has amazed me as well.”

On the 22. June, the FDP delegates have to confess to really color. Then an intra-party group is to present to you a green position paper. The water fall is in any doubt that the delegates vote as the poll, it’s prophesy: “I am not of the opinion that the free request meaning in an election year, based on a survey of two new taxes and the construction of new NUCLEAR power plant,” he says. There was now a need “to tackle all the urgent deepens, and only measures of support, which are ecologically and economically viable”.

And Petra Gössi? The enjoy their Triumph, for the time being in breast-feeding. The party President yesterday referred at the request of VIEWS of FDP spokesman Martin Stucki. You’ll have “noted with pleasure, that the FDP-the Basis of the ecological Tradition of our party is aware of,” says. he. In terms of content, it is not a go but even on the results. “First, we need to analyze. Then the delegates will decide.” Then, it is so clear, how green is the FDP is ticking on the end of actually.