in the Morning, the batteries are empty. To recharge your batteries, we must first of all thoroughly – or as the proverb says, “like a king” – Breakfast. Many, however, take the time for a rich Breakfast. The coffee is quickly pulled in, and for solid food, it is not enough.

This is a mistake. After all, who denied, in the morning, his stomach a versatile meal, in the afternoon and in the evening, an even larger appetite feel. Also the craving for sweet or salty Snacks in-between larger. For a zestful Start to the day, are protein foods that stimulate the metabolism.

complex carbohydrates

eggs are a true Power-supplier, and therefore especially recommended. They provide a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals, which are important for the body. Dairy and soy products, cottage cheese, yogurt, and cheese have a high content of proteins and can, as well as a major supplier of energy.

it is Advisable to put on complex carbohydrates. This will ensure that the feeling of satiety lasts longer, and emit the contained glucose slowly into the blood. Hot hunger attacks are bypassed. Examples of food with complex carbohydrates-wheat bread, or oatmeal are full.

Unsaturated fats prefer

fat is contained in almost all of the Breakfast foods. It is important to pay attention to their type. At best all it does is mono-or poly-unsaturated fats. These are anti-inflammatory and lower your risk for heart disease-vascular.

monounsaturated fats are, for example, in nuts, sunflower seeds, or Avocado. With polyunsaturated fatty acids to do the Breakfast, however, is rather difficult: they are included mainly in fish, such as mackerel or herring.

The Golden rule

According to the German nutrition society (DGE) should be included in a hearty Breakfast of four components:

a cereal product such as bread or cereals (preferably whole grain)and a dairy product such as yogurt or cheese fruit or Rohkostein drink, herbal tea or coffee.

stick to these four rules, you should have enough energy for the day and no hot hunger attacks feel.

What is many usually are not aware of the beloved Latte in the morning contains a lot of calories and can keep up loosely with a slice of Toast. Anyone who wants to lose weight should pay attention to the sugar content of the Smoothies or fruit juice, or Cup of coffee black and drink.