the For Digital Natives: a view of the Café

In the Foyer, directly opposite the main entrance, is the fully converted into a digital view of the garden Café transformed. Highlight: the huge screen that their own Posts to take off, or the main Auto-Posts to read. Of course, there’s also a free VIEW and tomorrow the Sunday.

For wine lovers: Le . Central Palexpo

Also in the Foyer of the quasi food court of the Salons, located at the entrance of hall 3 of Le . Central Palexpo. Actually, a self-service restaurant, but while the salon is also at the table. Here is a large selection can be tasted at Geneva wines.

For traditionalists: Le Terroir

not To come next to the view for cars the cuisine is too short, the behind-the-TAG-Heuer-special exhibition in hall 3, the Restaurant Le Terroir. It focuses on traditional Swiss cuisine.

For raw food lovers: Le Tartar

In the Le Tartare only carnivores coming to your invoice. In the restaurant at the entrance of hall 3, there are also fish and vegetable Tartar.

For fans of Aviation: Le Panoramique

At the entrance of hall 7 is the Le Panoramique. It offers a pleasant atmosphere, simple dishes and, above all, exciting views of the runways of the airport Cointrin. Attention: From 12. March closed.

For the price-conscious: Le Poulet Roti

if You want to lose no time, and the Budget: In the Le Poulet Roti in the Foyer at the main entrance can be set all at a table and eat. Ideal for families.

For Gourmets: Le Poivrier

the salon visit is not only to cars, but generally speaking, to enjoy. The restaurant is also in the Foyer at the main entrance of local Le Poivrier in a dignified atmosphere.