Easypay by Swisscom makes his name is no honor. Although the customer can pay “just” via mobile phone bill. He does not, but must run after the company the money himself.

Now the ZVV (Zurich transport network) is the torn thread of the Gelduld. Since the end of may, the ZVV is no longer supported by Easypay.

On the App it says for example: “Easypay by Swisscom will no longer be offered due to increased payment defaults and, simultaneously, to a limited circle of users in the ZVV-Ticket-App, unfortunately, as a means of payment. Existing Easypay users are asked to capture as far as possible in advance of a new means of payment.”

reason for offending customers who don’t pay their bill. It is everywhere, but if a customer does not pay with Easypay, you must not stand in the Swisscom as a technology supplier for it – but the effort remains in the seller, in this case, the ZVV.

“disproportionate amount of effort”

ZVV-speaker Stefan Kaufmann explains the expulsion: “It is so, the fact that Swisscom, after you took the defaults initially, this later fact and the amounts of the payment form in the invoices. Against this Background, EasyPay led to the ZVV to an effort whose scale was in view of the small number of users is disproportionate.”

The Alternative is called Twint

Easypay was primarily a form of payment, using a credit card. But here, too, the ZVV replacement: “The introduction of Twint, as an Alternative to credit card payment we, therefore, assumed for the occasion, EasyPay as a means of payment in the ZVV-Ticket App offer”, says Kaufmann: “Twint is now enabled.”

Twint is mainly supported by the Swiss banks and the Post office. It seems, therefore, that here is a state-controlled operation has the others trumped. (gust)