Nothing to do with Easy-going. The enterprising Easyjet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou is penetrating into ever more areas of business. With its brand name”Easy” runs, the British entrepreneur is already food shops, pizzerias, animal transport, gyms, or financial services.

Now he is stepping up its activities in Switzerland. The roof group, the Easy Group, with headquarters in London, in Germany, have signed in to the April 18 brands. Including easy coffee, easy money, easy office, Easygym, the Easypet and easy food goals. What projects will actually be realized is open.

On request, it means that the Easy Group have in Switzerland, growth plans for their “famous Easy marks”. Following the success of Easyjet and the planned five new easy hotels. For the group, Switzerland is a particularly valuable market.

Five Hotels in Zurich

Easyjet has represented the brand since 1997. Today, it controls from Switzerland to around 30 destinations. In the Zurich district 4, the group has been operating for 14 years in a cheap Hotel. Soon to be in Zurich already five Hotels and two in Basel.

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With your other brands the the Easy Group offers customers a variety of cheap services. The company operates in the UK, already nine coffee, and in London the first food store, of 70 popular everyday products sold at cheap prices.

fitness center, and the transport of Animals

With Easygyms the group also operates in the UK and France, a variety of the fitness centre, or with easy storage location for the Household; customers can pick up their furniture and appliances free of charge and again.

pet owners can give up at Easypet your four-legged friends for a proper Transport. Be operated in locations between London and Monaco. Soon, the Route could lead over Switzerland.