On Sunday, the Canton of St. Gallen, presented at the Fête des Vignerons in Vevey VD – a day in the Eastern Swiss time, to leave their Canton in the best light to have. And spend a lot of money: 240’000 Swiss francs has been budgeted in St. Gallen for the day.

But it almost would have been a fatal mistake: In the pockets of advertising, including Goodie Bags on which the proud, the green-and-white coat of arms emblazoned – found not only in St.-Gallen-Pins, info material and a deck of cards Swiss-but also food.

However, came not from the Bratwurst-Canton. But from Germany. Specifically, it deals with two packs of honey-rice cakes, a pack of almonds and an Apple juice. The products are all from the brand Alnatura, and are manufactured abroad, such as the St. Gallen “Tagblatt” reported.

“This can’t be”

The Jacob Engler (80) called from Balgach SG on the Plan. Because he travels on Sunday the St. Gallen holiday to Vevey and its domestic wine presented, he will also receive such a bag from the organisation team. And whether the selection of the head shaking. “It can’t be, that we are representing St. Gallen and products from Darmstadt, Germany to receive. Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be, if we had delivered these bags to the visitors?”

Engler turned to the Canton In Eastern Switzerland, it had plenty of regional products, with which the Canton could advertise: about toggenburg waffles, Rhine valley Apple juice or chocolate products, he wrote.

Migros donated to the German products

With success: The project Manager was broken and had to exchange the Goods. Instead of Alnatura Apple juice such Apple juice in the Goodie Bag from Michael Engler municipality of Marbach is now.

To embarrassing mistakes, the Migros Eastern Switzerland, has contributed. There, the Canton asked after a food sponsorship. And the retail giant has supplied the products for the German organic chain. You’ve put the focus grip on shelf-life and storage ability, as it was to eat on the way, the Migros Eastern Switzerland at the request of a VIEW.

However, the Canton applies a fault at the Almost-debacle Because he accepted the proposal of the Migros. There, you praised the improvement: “When a new Board sponsorship I’m going to try to focus more attention on regional products and in case of doubt, then, but rather instead of commitments,” says the project Manager.