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one week has Vinmonopolet sold just as much as before easter, which is one of the weeks they sell the most.

the Norwegians have purchased about 2.1 million vareliter alcohol the same week as the government introduced the current beredskapsregime. To the usual is the sale of 1.6 million litres.

Akan working to prevent substance abuse and addiction problems in the workplace.

– to work from home, be quarantined, or laid off, can intensify an already difficult situation, ” says a leader Camilla Lynne Bakkeng.

Usually they get daily requests from managers of concern for an employee. The last few days, several workers even made contact about his problem.

It may be due to the lack of follow-up from the head and shielding the job provides.

the Lack of routines, social community and close follow-up can lead to an experience of loneliness, frustration, and uncertainty.

For many this can lead to drinking more to cope with the situation, ” says Bakkeng.

Usually the streets in Oslo are full of clubbers on a Friday in the 23-time. Now it’s silent. Alcohol consumption may have moved home in the place.

Photo: The Wie Furunes / It Wie Furunes Reward

Home office, hjemmeskole and hjemmebarnehage. Parents who are juggling everything at once may be tempted to reward himself for his trouble.

– Many are tired. Perhaps parents gave him a glass of extra in the evening, because they deserve it.

Bakkeng emphasizes that this need not lead to more problems. It can lead to increased consumption for a period of time.

Camilla Lynne Bakkeng, a leader in the Akan areas.

Photo: AKAN

– But perhaps our children need that we stay sober more than ever now.

She advises leaders to follow up with employees they know have problems. She will also recommend your company to keep in regular contact with the staff at the home office.

Invite to video conferencing. Maintain daily routines. Be open and ask how it goes. And call or chat with us. We are ready to assist.

the Possibility of greater home

14. august 2001 was the last day he drank. As the director of a medium-sized company lived Erik Torjussen under great pressure. The alcohol was used to let off steam.

It was not necessarily the workplace I drank on. For then I knew that I hit on people. They could smell it. They could see it.

In the day jobs Torjussen for A-larm. It is a user – and pårørendeorganisasjon in the drugs field. He is concerned that people’s alcohol consumption goes up.

If you have a problem is the possibility greater when you are isolated at home, than if you have to face in the office. It is easier to drink at home.

Erik Torjussen has the home office, like so many others in these days. But he will not touch a drop of alcohol.

Photo: Private – This is not a holiday

Torjussen fear what he does after every summer vacation. The high alkoholsalget can lead to that several have developed a problematic relationship with drugs. He believes many people associate alcohol with the good life, vacation and leisure.

– This is not a vacation. We are in a unntakssituasjon. We should deal with it then.

– We should have respect for those we surround ourselves with. My clear recommendation in this context is to keep away from alcohol.

– Hope not consumption increases

head of communication at Vinmonopolet, Jens Nordahl, expects that the increase will continue as long as Norway is in quarantine.

He sees this in the context of the border trade, duty free and skjenkesalg is drastically reduced.

– People are to a small extent out on the town. It means that much of the alcohol consumption moves home. We hope the not that consumption is rising in these days.

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