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the assistance of counsel in Ålesund was started with a 14 days long familievaldssak Monday 16. march. On the Friday before came the message that the matter had utsettast because of smittefare.

– It is clear that this is not a good situation. They were førebudde to meet in court in a heavy case. Then it becomes a huge mental burden when the issue becomes the subject, she says.

the Danger of rettstryggleiken

Haagensen says the launching of the litigation between anna can influence the conflict about the visitation, and that it will take longer than usual for children to get the contact they should have with one of the parents.

– This is a man with serious problem that have waited a long time to get a clarification. My impression is that they have an understanding of the situation, but all have a strong desire to get started with the matter say, she says.

Gerd Cathrine Haagensen keep contact with klientane their digital in a difficult time.

Photo: Hans-Olav Landsverk / NRK

And the assistance of counsel is not alone to be worried. The Norwegian courts administration think it is a danger for rettstryggleiken that the litigation will expose.

– A significant part of rettstryggleiken is that you get dealt with the matter say within reasonable time. If the cases are delayed, it undermines the rettstryggleiken, there is no doubt, says ms. Yngve Brox.

– Very dramatic

the Norwegian courts administration underlines that the issues still will be handled well, but think still that it is a big problem that they are subject.

Yngve Brox

Photo: Stein Lorentzen / NRK

the Situation will not be good again until koronaepidemien is over, and then we shall take again all the cases that have been snow. So it is difficult to say when we are back to the normal operation of the courts in Norway, ” says Yngve Brox.

to make the situation easier, the government 27. march a temporary regulation to make it possible to carry out the several matters digital. The Norwegian courts administration want no in addition to get permission to reduce the number of meddommarar in some cases.

Brox says that they with this other will be able to treat half of all the cases they should have dealt with, but that also means that half are exposing.

There are enormous amounts of cases and the companies themselves and must be dealt with later, and it is clear that it is very dramatic. Serious criminal cases lie and wanting to be ferdigbehandla. It is demanding both for the sacrifice and the defendant as not go on in his life, he says.

May be even more changes

the secretary of state in the ministry of Justice and public security, Lars Jacob Hiim, state that they are considering even more changes to increase the treatment of the cases.

they Will open Norwegian rettssalar again en when they open kindergartens?

This is a question that the individual court and the Norwegian courts administration must consider, on the basis of advice and guidance from smittevernstyresmaktene, says Hiim.

‘ve never experienced similar

Sorenskrivar Kirsti Høegh Bjørneset in the Sunnmøre district court is one of them that tries to get conducted most court proceedings at the unusual show en.

She is aware that it is a demanding situation, and they have no reserve all hovudforhandlingar out april

It was a brutal change when we shut down the premises 13. march and installed all the add on heimekontor, she says.

Kirsti Høegh Bjørneset

Photo: Ivar Lid Riise / NRK

All the cases they have dealt with after this has happened digitally or in writing. Sorenskrivaren say they still manage to take away the civil cases, but that straffesakene companies.

– This is a situation none of us were prepared, but the staff have tackled it in a very good way. We have live-feed handle strong priority issues that fengslingar, barnevernssaker and mental health care, she says.

Høegh Bjørneset says it still quite clearly is reason to be disquieted for rettstryggleiken in this situation.

at the same time I will emphasize that we at least do what we can to reduce the skadeverknadene koronasituasjonen has inflicted on society. It must be all of us who are involved in the criminal justice system focus on, she says.

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