Today we begin with a Test for the house owner. You call natural hazards that could damage your home: “hail, flood, storm, earthquake, and depending on the location of such landslides or avalanches.” The are about those events that come to mind. Relaxed can sit homeowners in the Knowledge that you are insured against natural hazards, depending on the Canton by the cantonal or private building insurance.

it would be Nice. One of the events referred to by the regulated fire and damage insurance does not cover earthquakes. Although no human being would seriously claim that the earthquake was a natural hazard.

with the exception of the Canton of Zurich. The building insurance of the most populous Canton covers earthquake damage up to a total of one billion Swiss francs.

The homeowners of the other cantons can be insured with a private provider. However, only about two to three percent of the private house owner to do this. Maybe one or the other thinks that earthquakes destroy rather in Italy houses, but hardly in Switzerland. Others mistakenly think that the earthquake damages are covered by the building insurance.

once Again, others will say, in the case of a natural disaster of major proportions would the Federal government step in with emergency legislation reconstruction to accomplish. “Too big to fail” is the keyword. I also tend to this position. Who has, in addition to the compulsory building insurance also premiums for the voluntary earthquake insurance, would in such a case, the Deceived.

Bruno Spicher denies this. “Insurance is always better than the help of the public,” he tells me. The 57-year-old Berner is the head of the National platform for natural hazards (Planat).

failed All Attempts, a national earthquake insurance to introduce, as the Parliament requires. House owners therefore remain of higher premiums spared. But at least the conditions are to be created in order to provide, in the case of a larger earthquake such thing as a bad organization on the legs. So you want to be able to do the damage and reconstruction funds as required to distribute. And here would have to be favored according to Bruno Spicher those who have already completed their turn, a private earthquake insurance. By the end of the year a proposal is on the table.

And one more thing Bruno Spicher says: Would be shaking in Basel the earth in such a way, how you did this in the year of our Lord 1356, so this would be damage from 80 to 100 billion Swiss francs.