Early voting and voting by absentee ballots will not be arrange in the case of elections or referendum in the Russian Federation within a few days, follows from the amendments to the bill amending the electoral law, at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

Earlier, as reported by RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the control and regulation Oleg Nilov, the relevant Committee of the state Duma has approved amendments on the proliferation of the three-day voting in elections. The changes, he said, are made to approved in may 2012 in the first reading the draft law on the right of the parties to change their representatives in the election commissions. The document applies only to those electoral Commission members who were appointed at the proposal of these parties. The author of the initiative was made by former President Dmitry Medvedev.

Under current law, the opportunity to vote in advance must be provided to the voter in a vote or referendum on a valid reason (vacation, business trip, mode of employment and training activities, or performing state and public duties, health and other valid reasons) will not be present at the place of residence and cannot arrive to polling station to which it is attached.

"In the case of a decision on holding a vote, in accordance with this article, voting with absentee ballots and early voting under paragraph 2 of article 65 of this Federal law, is not possible", – stated in the amendment.