delay The Green. Even though you have clean the seat with a calculator, is entitled to a Federal Council, calling it only half-heartedly. The composition of the Government no longer corresponded to the balance of Forces in the Parliament – this is the Angriffigste, the left party leader, Regula Rytz (57) after the historic election victory of coaxing. Soon two weeks later, is to feel of a plan of attack nothing.

the Greens were ahead of the previous Federal Council elections less restrained. Regularly candidates competed best against SVP-magistrates. As early as 1987 and 1991, the Green tried to with the from Berne Leni Robert (83) to improve women’s representation in the Federal Council. She was not officially nominated, but went on to vote for some Protest.

in 1995 shook with Cécile Bühlmann (69, LU), Ruth Gonseth (76, BL), Pia Hollenstein (69, SG) and Franziska Teuscher (61, BE) is equal to four women in the bourgeois and male government Bastion – of course unsuccessfully, with 12 to 20 mere votes.

Bühlmann first official explosive candidate

However, the Eco-party is not to be discouraged was: In the year 2000, the Lucerne was nominated Bühlmann for the election of a substitute for SVP-man Adolf Ogi (77, BE) for the first time officially as a green explosive candidate. You made it up to 53 votes, and had to repaint after the fourth ballot on the sail. “At the time, it was less about the green Seat than to the public’s attention, which received the Green in order,” admits Bühlmann open. “We were able to bring about in the ‘Arena’ of our ideas among the people.”

ideas, which contributed to two decades later, the fruits. The Greens have risen by 13.2 percent and the fourth most powerful force. “We could have dreamed of back then only. Even now, I can’t believe it almost,” says buehlmann, still all excited. “The magic formula is disenchanted!”, you will be happy. Symbolically it opens the door to the room in the foyer, on which in Golden letters “the Federal Council”. Your requirement is clear: “The Greens are mandatory in the Federal Council. Now!”

“Must not be allowed to later put”

The Greens have proved in municipalities, cities and cantons, as long your government’s ability to Bühlmann. “We now have to compete with an own candidacy, and we may not be on later put off. We are ripe for the Federal Council.”

the Same opinion Pia Hollenstein is: “It is the will of the people. The population has strengthened the Greens massive.” This democratic decision, asking that the Greens would have to be soon represented in the Federal Council. “The Greens are playing with their electoral success in the League, the Federal Council parties, and have a seat on the Federal Council,” says Franziska Teuscher.

The two-time candidate Luc Recordon (64, VD) wants to let his party is also no longer on the waiting bench pushing. “Environmental and climate protection from day to day more urgent. Now we need to find solutions and make decisions – it needs the Green party in the Federal Council,” says Recordon, who had been nominated in 2007 and 2008, the SVP of spite.

FDP would be in the case of deselection only yourself to blame

for a green government, with the participation of a President of the Federal Council on the blade, to jump, to interfere with the Ex-candidate a bit: “the CVP and the FDP have only themselves to blame if they lose by a deselection of a seat in the government. Finally, you have changed your Federal councillors in the middle of the legislature”, criticized by Hollenstein. Doris Leuthard (56) and Johann Schneider-Ammann (67) would quiet be able to until after the elections to continue. “Such premature return is a tactical mess are kicking.”

The current magic formula is no longer viable, says Teuscher. The state government needs to be an Image of the Parliament, women and men should be represented in the Federal Council equivalent and the national languages as appropriate. “How in the cantonal Executive and municipal governments in such a System, to a dismissal.”

it is also Clear, whose headquarters have to take the Green to target: “There is no reason for two of the FDP in the seats,” said Bühlmann. In attack mode, Ruth Gonseth shows: “It is high time that the Greens are represented in the Federal Council. The second seat of the Bundestag is preserved, the less, as well as the work of the Federal Council, Ignazio Cassis is not satisfactory.”

If the output location to change in such a way, it need a change of staff, emphasized Recordon. Existing Federal councillors are voted out of office, “we are used us from time to time, Yes,” says he, with a view to the Abwahlen of 2003 and 2007, when it caught CVP Federal councillor Ruth Metzler (55), respectively, SVP-magistrate Christoph Blocher (79). Recordons conclusion: “The FDP has to give up the seat of Cassis.”