– To start we are preparing for a long time, – said Alexander Geus, Director of the national children’s center (VDTs) “Eaglet”, located on the shore of the Black sea, 45 kilometers from Tuapse. – Repairs made. Supply of disinfectants formed, instructions for actions in case of detection of coronavirus obtained. With your employees, we have repeatedly carried out military exercises.

because Of limitations in the “Orlenok” had to completely change the educational program, in particular to exclude mass actions. While it is possible to meet only in small groups and receive guests online. This is despite the fact that the first summer session will be a jubilee – July 12, the famous “Eagle” will be 60 years.

– If we used to have in the squad had 30 people, now 15 – continued Alexander Djeus. And each specialist will only work with a particular camp. The upcoming shift will last two weeks instead of the usual 21 days. Come to us 1768 Kuban children, although usually taken for 3,5 thousand. We are ready to the next, the eighth shift, the previously announced from 17-18 July 6-7 August, to take people from other regions. I really hope that we can meet everyone.

And in Anapa Russian children’s center “Smena” this summer, completely changing the system of reception. If earlier check-in and check-out lasted for two days, now it will happen immediately upon arrival. And besides the usual of sanatorium-resort card, you will need the help of a clean epidokruzhenii. A document with a negative test for coronavirus is not needed.

When children’s camps will be able to visit the guys from other regions? In search of the answer to this question minkurortov and sedesol in the region have put the blame on the CPS, the press service which was forwarded to the operational headquarters of the Kuban.

– While waiting, – said there. – From the last Governor decree N 354 from June 18, according to which instead of quarantine introduced the mode of increased readiness until July 6. Here from it and repelled. What will happen, will become clear closer to the date – waiting for a new resolution of the head region or to the order of Rospotrebnadzor.