you cavort along the shore of the lake, are grouped on street corners, and lay siege to the Central station: E-Scooters everywhere in Zurich. You hot Flash, Bird and animal. Only the US Start-up Lime is still on After an accident series in the past year, the company moved all 300 Scooter.

And four providers were not already enough, is yet another candidate in the wings. According to the security Department of the city of Zurich, five applications were received and approved. A total of soon 1600 E will populate-Scooters in the city. Potential number five could be the Swedish Start-up, Voi. “We definitely have plans for Zurich,” on request of a VIEW. A date but am still.

10 francs per Trotti of the month

The Trotti-flood for a simple reason: Zurich serves as a popular Playground, the Start-ups to let off steam. The Zurich are considered to be “experimental,” says Torge bark Holtz (42), Switzerland-the head of the Flash. But they should play only those who followed the new rules of the city: From 30 vehicles, the company must pay 10 francs per Trotti and month. So the Chaos could be tamed.

“Everything is quite new. Now the market to play, and is likely to automatically bring a certain order,” says Mathias Ninck (50), a spokesman for the safety Department of the city of Zurich. Means: Stay the Scooters unused, pull the operator back from the traffic. Otherwise it will be expensive.

Lime in the

wait for broken Scooters were days on the public property, is unlikely, says Ninck. A wrong parkierter Scooter had to be removed in addition, the operators within 24 hours.

And why is Lime still on the road? After the accident series last year, the startup wants to go up. At the time, the brakes of some of the Scooters automatically, users involved in the accident blocked. VIEW white that wants to take the Start-up, the necessary time to reboot the prepare carefully. “We are confident to be again very soon on the Zurich road,” says Estuardo Escobar (30), managing Director of Lime, Switzerland.