Lidl attracts you! So some customers of the discounter convert currently the advertising slogan “Lidl”. That’s why you go: electric scooters are in Trend. Not only are stores competing in order to customers. Even retailers are jumping on the electric train. Even Discounters. For example, Lidl Switzerland in its current prospectus. In the offer for the 4. April for the bargain price of 222 Swiss francs: the Cat electric Scooter 2DROID Kickster.

Dumb: Otherwise than in the prospectus promised, the vehicle is not available. A bitter disappointment for many customers, some of whom reported at a GLANCE. For example, family Steimer from the Aargau. She wanted to buy two E-Scooter.

“We anticipated a big rush and gave us ten minutes before the store opening ahead of the Lidl store in Döttingen,” say the Steimers. A seller have said on demand, with reference to an internal Memo, that your branch don’t receive an E-Scooter.

Lidl speaks of delivery problems

Also in the store in Wettingen AG, which claimed the scooter was missing. As the Steimers called the Lidl Hotline, said to them, the company that manufactures Cat would have supplied the scooter.

the father of a family Steimer: “it’s clearly a Veräppelung and a decoy offer.” Because of the E-Scooter provider Cat with its headquarters in the German Berlin have confirmed to him in a telephone conversation that Switzerland and Austria were very supplied with these scooters.

“The article was not delivered,”

ordered Lidl with the intention of just a few vehicles to get customers in the stores? In the hope that these items, then other things? Lidl Switzerland speaks of a misunderstanding. “Due to difficulties in delivery on the part of the supplier has not delivered us the article, definitely,” says spokeswoman Corina spleen. Unfortunately, it was the advertising, the brochures will not stop.

In the electronic version of the prospectus on the Lidl site, not now that the E-Scooter is available. Spleen: “We would never advertise an article that we know that he will not be available.” We have contacted the customer, which you know from an interest in E-scooters, already.