It has taken a long time to the European car manufacturers responded to the Newcomer Tesla. Already in 2012, the Californians brought the Model S sedan on the market, only two years later, the first electric SUV-Crossover, and thus the SUV Boom-a Trendsetter then followed with the Model X. Until last fall brought the Jaguar with the I-Pace, the take the first serious electric-SUV-competitors from Europe to the local dealers.

the Tesla goes the farthest

According to the E-Tron from Audi in the spring is coming this fall, the first Mercedes SUV-Stromer on the road. He is not only very late, but for the customers also as expensive as the competition, as this week it became known: the Proud 84’900 Swiss francs desire Stuttgart for the electric four-wheel drive EQC – there 408 PS of system power and a maximum range of 430 miles.

Also similar to the motorized competitors by Jaguar (82’800 Fr.) and Audi (89’900 Fr.) the first E-SUVs are not bargain, nor will they create the magic limit of 500 stream miles. The Model X, which is dimensioned in comparison to the competition, something lush, comes at a base price of 107’800 Swiss francs – creates sub-optimal conditions and according to strict WLTP measuring cycle is but 505 kilometres without Recharging.

Affordable E-cars

Until further notice, the electro-mobility remains something for high earners – at least if the customer wants to have a four – wheel drive and a premium car. In fact, there are already affordable electric cars that are not only designed for the city traffic, such as the Renault Zoe (300 km range, 35’650 Fr.), but also in everyday family life are good. So Hyundai offers the SUV Kona Electric from 46’990 CHF without the 4×4, but with almost 450 kilometres of electric range.

longer Opel the Ampera-e is roaming around from 52’700 Swiss francs 520 miles. And also Citroën’s luxury brand DS brings the end of 2019, the first E-car, the DS3 cross back. He starts from 45’to 100 Swiss francs and comes out to at least 320 kilometres. By the way, was originally also offered to the Model 3 from Tesla for about 40’000 Swiss francs. So far, there’s the compact stromer but only as a Top of the range model with 4×4 and a large battery (560 km) 58’900 Swiss francs.