For most of the car manufacturers is all about the topic of electric. In the case of Tesla a long time, but also at Daimler or Porsche. Even the largest car manufacturer, Volkswagen, has call with the presentation of the new compact stromer ID 3 the electric age out. As of tomorrow world premiere works celebrating the new Golf VIII, almost like a relic from an old car world.

of Course, such fundamental changes with gigantic cuts go to the companies footing the bill of the workforce over take. New technologies, a change in orientation – there is hardly a stone remains on the other. And car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover or VW, but also suppliers like Bosch or Continental make long no secret anymore that you need to disconnect the short or long of Thousands of employees.

of Course, be created with the new technologies, new Jobs. So VW is talking of the biggest upcoming recruitment campaign. Nevertheless, the German Auto-and-white – and industry expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer: “in just the last few months, the loss of nearly 50’000 jobs in the car industry was announced. And in sum”, dudenhöffer black, “be removed malt alone in the German car industry up to the year 2030 up to 125’000 jobs!”

These companies to build Jobs from the

in Germany Alone, almost 20 companies in the car industry announced in the last couple of months of job losses out of a total of almost 50’000 Points.

auto manufacturers

Audi 10’000BMW 3000Ford 3000Volkswagen 14’000


Benteler 2500Bosch Bamberg 1500Brose 2000Continental 7000Eberspächer 250Küster 100Leoni 500Mahle 500Mann+Hummel 200Schaeffler 1300Schuler 500SMIA 100ZF Saarbrücken 2200 economic war,

Dudenhöffer, CAR-Center Automotive Research at the University of Duisburg-Essen points out, however, that the electric mobility kills alone of the Jobs. But that the US President Donald Trump’s slyly customs and economic war for the problems of the auto industry. Dudenhöffer: “in my estimation, there are about 700 billion euros of turnover in the car industry, on account of the US economy wars.” The European car industry is currently burdened with double – on the one hand, by the above-mentioned technological restructuring, on the other hand, due to the economic war-induced downturn, concludes the German Professor.

China to the rescue?

And how to return the troubled car industry in Europe back on track? The transition to E-mobility with gedrosselterem Tempo approach, is for Dudenhöffer no Alternative. “Who rebuilds slowly, loses valuable time. The Jobs are created somewhere else.” An important impetus he saw but in a closer cooperation with China. “We should open ourselves to the Land and not foreclose.”

So for example it would be a Chance to build with Chinese battery manufacturers together battery plants in Europe and the technology to develop. It does not make sense, so Dudenhöffer, to invent in Germany or France the wheel and rebuild it, what Chinese companies already dominate. “It makes a lot more sense to work in joint research programmes to the battery of the future – and that is in the battery material and not in cell production.”