How safe are E-cigarettes? It is a fight for weeks in the United States. The debate could now arrive in Switzerland. The reason is the disease of a 44-year-old woman, the SRF-program “pulse” on Monday evening reported.

The asthmatic patient had been admitted with severe respiratory problems in the emergency of the cantonal hospital in Winterthur inserted: Each load triggered her severe shortness of breath and cough with sputum. The attending pulmonary physician Macé Schuur’s says to SRF: “It was a matter of urgency.”

The 44-year-old woman has smoked E-cigarettes and fulfilled most of the criteria, which were already noticed in the United States in the case of lung diseased. “The findings are consistent with the cases in the United States are the same,” so the lung doctor.

E-Zigi-cases need not be reported to

Currently, this is treated as a suspected case, a connection with the E-cigarettes is not yet been confirmed, SRF. Switzerland has to be registered there is no Register, in which suspected cases. The Association of lung doctors want to examine the issue of E-cigarettes, it says in the report: “We will ask all the members to the emergency stations and all the lung doctors to report any cases to the poison control center Toxinfo.”

The E-Cigarette debate in the USA is also the policy. The US health authority FDA speaks of an epidemic: Within one year the number of students who smoke has risen in the U.S. by nearly 40 percent. An increase that is mainly due to the E-cigarette Boom. Last week, the FDA sounded the Alarm: eight people died of the consequences of E-Cigs. (pma)