Still, the number of electric cars on our roads is modest: From about 4.5 million cars, only around 25’000 are powered electrically. But the number could soon rise, as a representative survey by the insurer Axa shows that, in the Meantime, can imagine, every third Swiss motorists to buy an E-car under 25-Year-olds, even every second!

also new dangers to our roads caused That with the new engine, show the this year’s crash tests of the Axa accident research on the airfield in Dübendorf, ZH. Although the frequency of accidents, according to the Axa experts with those of conventional vehicles comparable. However, the number of accidents with the Size and performance of electric cars increases.

is Immediately to commencement of the maximum acceleration

the reason for the stronger. “The maximum acceleration is immediately available, while it lasts, even in high-horsepower internal-combustion engines still for a Moment, until the maximum acceleration is achieved,” says Bettina Zahnd, head of accident research and prevention at Axa. “This presents new challenges to the drivers.”

For the Inexperienced it can be dicey. The first Crash scenario: An E-car shows-driver wants to accelerate, on a country road just before a curve to the right only slightly. The car accelerated faster than expected, so that the driver strays from the lane, with around 70 km/h in the counter-transport device – it comes to a Crash! In spite of modern safety technology, the occupants of which carry some serious injuries.

Specific knowledge is important

Bettina Zahnd explains: “Especially in the case of E-cars, you have to get used to behavior to the changes in braking and acceleration, before you can operate the vehicle safely.” Increasingly specific knowledge of the electric car, in addition to the classic driver training is important.

Hardly hear

Also, the fact that E-cars at slow speeds are extremely quiet, is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Residents of neighbourhoods cheer. But what happens when E-cars will be simply ignored, from the second Crash: An E-car is parked out of a gap, if the driver misses, but the Elderly woman with Walker, runs behind the car. In spite of a low speed, the hit woman can suffer in case of a fall most serious injury.


retrofitting of All newly registered Hybrid and E-cars need to be with an acoustic warning signal equipped. For older vehicles, the requirement does not apply, however. Accident researcher Zahnd, says: “We recommend that the owners of a silent E-cars, this volunteer with a noise generator to equip, so that other road users can hear you.”

Take the time to get acquainted with the E-car.
– Be aware that the engine is not audible, and paying particular attention to
pedestrian, or other traffic participants, which rely on an audible engine noise.
– Accelerate at the beginning very gently, the acceleration to get to behavior.
– as soon As the accelerator pedal is released, energy is recuperating, so, again, won. As a result, the car slows down more than without recuperation. As the E-car driver, you need to take into account this behavior on-the-go.
– do not Rely too much on technology. All available assistance systems
have to be constantly monitored; Autonomous Driving is not possible or allowed.
– Place the rescue card on the driver side, under the sun visor.