233 people have lost in the year 2018 in Swiss road traffic, your life. For the Swiss driving instructors Association (SFV) is the most alarming. The SFV Out calls on the authorities, and to give training of drivers.

The greatest need for action SFV-managing Director Daniel Menzi in the case of the E-Bikes. Not without reason: E-Bike accidents have reached in 2018, a new all-time high. 236 people were seeds with a long and 85 people with a fast E-Bike on the road.

“A couple of Times really hard in the brakes,”

The Federal roads office (Astra) is currently reviewing various measures to be taken. These include the introduction of a light power-Compulsory and of a Speedo requirement for fast E-Bikes. Menzi is not enough. Because: “accidents human error is based on mostly behavior.”

Therefore, he calls for compulsory training for drivers of E-Bikes. “You have to make it clear to them how quickly things are,” he says to VIEW. “In addition to brakes in the driving lessons a couple of Times really strong, so you know how the Bike reacts in extreme situations.”

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Also, the theory hours should belong to the training. Menzi is convinced: “The theoretical and practical mediation of basic knowledge helps to prevent some accident.” That E-Bike riders must also pass a driving test, not requests but for the time being.