recently, going to divorce djigan and Oksana Samoilova now doing everything to strengthen their relationship and save the marriage. Yesterday, the Russian rapper has 35 years old, and the star’s family decided to mark the occasion quite magnificently, arranging a party in the restaurant and invite close friends.

One of the first Dzhigan congratulated his daughter Leah and Maya, who in the morning gave him a postcard made with your own hands, and read poems. Well, the celebration was held at Soho restaurant Country Club.

Daughter pairs, nine year old Ariel, five year old Leah and three year old Maya, on the occasion of the birthday of his father dressed in identical pink dresses, and five-month-old David was dressed in a charming, elegant blue suit. As he said to his mother, it was “the first grown-up party” of the boy. br>

the Daughter of Djigan and Oksana Samoilova Ariel
Son of Djigan and Oksana Samoilova, David
Oksana Samoilova with her son David
dzhigan with children

The culmination of the celebration was the original cake with figurines of the singer and the lions, the candles on which dzhigan blow out holding hands with his daughters.

on the eve of the birthday of her husband 32-year-old Oksana Samoilov admitted that the last few months of her life were the most difficult.

2020 were as full of surprises, but I’m not complaining, I never complain. I thank the universe for everything that happens, because that’s all my lessons, and they obviously went for me. Now I’m stronger than ever, I have no weaknesses, and I know that I can do absolutely anything, I was just invincible,

she said.

Recall that shortly after the appearance of the son dzhigan began to abuse illicit substances and alkogolem. However, he is in a poor condition regularly come in live on instagram and interacted with the fans. As a result, the rapper was in rehab where he received treatment. Then Samoilov has decided to file for divorce, but later changed his mind, explaining that doing everything for the kids.

I just gave them a little chance for mom and dad she said.