Winter break in the Russian championship is over. And immediately after the break we are waiting for the tour with lots of interesting matches, one of them will be the Moscow Derby Dinamo – Spartak”.

It was not a situation that before the second round of the “Dynamo” was above “Spartak” in standings. It happened thanks to a powerful series of “white-blue” in November and December. “Dynamo” has beaten CSKA, “Rostov”, “Lokomotiv” team going into the European Cup zone and noticeably adjusted his position, coming in eighth place. “Spartak” lost the last two games before the break, “Rostov” and “Zenith”, dropped “red-white” to tenth place.

Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti System VAR will work on all the RPL matches since Matchday 20

Seems that one of the goals for the once highly reputable clubs will avoid the play-offs. Standings shared a very peculiar way. Is leading by a wide margin “Zenit”, 10 points behind him, “Krasnodar”, “Rostov”, CSKA and “the locomotive, and another 9 points starts tight fight for the preservation of places in the RPL next season. Between the sixth and fifteenth place only 6 points.

Despite the fact that the prospects of today’s rivals not the most pleasant of success in principled opposition capable of at least briefly lift the mood. In the first round even though he was a goalless draw, but football “Spartak” and “Dinamo” staged combat. It is possible that today, having gained strength during the rest, the players will give high quality and entertaining match. Moreover, it will be the first Derby at the new stadium “blue and white”

“Dynamo” and “Spartak” will begin meeting at 16:30. “WP” will hold an online broadcast, join us!