Dynamo is stationary. No Training, no games, no revenue. The calls, once again, the Fans of the sport community on the Plan. Together with the fan is a special designed T-Shirt that can be purchased immediately online at: www.dynamo-fanshop.de for 19,53 euros. Print: “Dynamo-Fied”.

With the sale of at least rinsed a couple of Euros into the club coffers, the of the existence of the endangered fan shop helped and at the same time particularly hard-hit people to be supported.

In a sporting Director Ralf Minge, CEO Michael Born and President Holger Scholze signed the open letter of the Association it is called:

Dynamo has survived as a sport community in the past decades, many crises. The key was always that thousands of people have held together. This is why our beloved club today.

the professional Team of the contribution and waives the 300 000 Euro salary (the PICTURE reported). on the one hand, the economic damage for the SGD slightly to cushion. On the other hand, 50 000 euros the sum available for social purposes.