On the weekend Dwayne on Instagram Live, said: “I had the dream of becoming a Country singer. […] I wanted to be a traditional Country music artist. A decent voice, which could give a song to the Best, but then I bought a car from a crack addicts had… it’s a long story… but it’s the Best, that’s never happened to me.“

I considered three other careers, before becoming the man I am today – and keep in mind, the only thing in life I didn ’t want to be what broke/ Country music singer ? Until one fateful night on Music Row when I was 15yrs old changed my mind. Heavyweight boxing champ ? Until one fateful night I watched @Mike Tyson vs Spinks changed my mind. NFL football player ? I was intensely focused for years and always the hardest worker in the room. In the end, I just wasn’t good enough to make it. Sometimes in life, the thing we want so badly to happen, the dream we worked so hard for… sometimes that thing is the best thing that never happened. Life is funny and the universe always has a way of meeting you half way and setting you on the path you’re meant to be on. Have faith and trust your gut. Thanks for all your GREAT questions and staying connected. Stay healthy, my friends. ~ Blues Man ??

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“to be The Best that happened to me never”

The Other dreamed of ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’-performers in the NFL included, since he had played at the University of Miami already football.

Also, this dream Dwaynes was not true and he added: “It is not so much the same as when I made it to the NFL. It was the Best thing that happened to me never.“

The ‘Jungle Cruise’-Star had to tell recently that he was nervous to switch from Wrestling to acting, because he wanted to go, that he built a long career in Hollywood.

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