The bundesliga is In direct contrast to the football, in any case, before the 1st of June. That prime minister Mark Rutte said. The government decided to take measures that, to the 6th of april to be valid for the corona virus, can be extended to the 28th of april, but the football is falling, according to New under the subject of events, that is, until June 1, continue to be prohibited.

Last week, it was announced that up to June 1, a ban on public assembly and are subject to events, however, the Dutch football association (KNVB), was now fixed on the prohibition of the opening of the bottom of the other sports until the 6th of april. In accordance with the Dutch fa (KNVB) had heard of the professional football-namely, not to be the subject of the events. The Dutch voetbalbondliet also know that there are three scenarios for the future of English football: the competitions will finish by 30 June, and, partly, people, competition, even after the June 30 completion, or, the contests of early termination. New clear however that any professional football until the 1st of June.

It’s a ban on the opening of sports facilities was extended from april 6 to april 28. That would mean that the sport, after which a date can be, for example, training sessions, provided that they do not even have to be extended. “It’s a real possibility that the measures taken after the 28th of april, will be extended”, let New know. A decision on that in the week prior to the 28th of april, is created.