The Dutch chain Van der Valk, and Valk can offer in their own country, places for the reception of the coronapatiënten. This applies to patients who are “too good for the hospital, to a room in the home,” said the spokesman of the coronacentrum which is now being prepared by the Van der Valk hotel in Urmond (Limburg), in a quarter of an hour’s drive from Bicester. Other similar centers are being prepared.

The coronacentrum is an initiative of the general thuiszorgorganisaties and hospitals in the region. Work is currently underway to coronacentrum as soon as possible, to get ready.

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you may Also use the Fletcher hotel is very busy with the organisation of the zorgopvanglocaties. According to the president, Rob Herman is going to care for coronapatiënten, care for the elderly who do not have the corona, and the locations for the patient, without the same name.

Dozens of patients in

The coronacentrum in Urmond-Stein must be for a limited to dozens of patients can be accommodated. Patients can be expected to be on Tuesday by doctors at the coronacentrum will be sent out when they have serious symptoms but have not been to the intensive care unit do.

from the hotel you stay, no guests, and more. However, there is still the hotel-the staff all around. The hotel chain will be discussed as a viable solution for the staff. The coronacentrum calling people zorgervaring in order to sign up as a volunteer.

you may Also use the Fletcher hotel is very busy with the organisation of the zorgopvanglocaties. Fletcher-chief executive, Rob Hermans: “We are in the debate with care, in hospitals and healthcare facilities in the united kingdom. We have a scenario in which we want to be in a 24-hour health care facility may be indicated. That is, in the provinces of Dutch Limburg, Noord-)Brabant and the area around the city of Nijmegen is already in the works. It is anticipated that the first patients have this week’s check-in.”

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